Nestled in the gorgeous Viking town of Poulsbo, our family owned farm grew out of a simple love for animals and the humbling connection between people and nature. Starting out as a personal desire to bring fresh, healthy produce to our family, Autumn Rhapsody Farm has grown and expanded to share our farming life with you and yours.

The love of farm fresh products and goats started when I was growing up in Europe. As a child I spent every vacation in the beautiful mountains. I learned a lot from farmers there. My love of farm life and animals made me wish to own a farm one day.

The taste of fresh milk, cheese, and butter stayed with me over the years.

 After years of living and working in the city, I decided that it was time to start healthy living and bring that childhood memory back.

Why goats? I just love these amazing animals. They are intelligent, funny, playful creatures who captured my heart. Our farm started as a hobby, with just  a few goats. but now our herd is growing. Goats are like chips, you can 't have just one.

I raise our goats the same way I learned from farmers in Europe - the natural way.

We let our does to raise their kids and we still have more milk that we can handle. We care about our goats, providing them with love, clean, dry shelter, and food. We spend a lot of time around them. They become part of our family. The care and love which we give them, make them friendly and happy. Yes, we spoil our goats.

The amazing part is that goats make us happy and put a smile on our faces. We hope they can do the same for you.