The puppies are 50% Great Pyrenees  and 50% Anatolian Shepard. We love that mix of genetics. This allows our dogs to have the best of both breeds:  guarding instinct, courage, strength, loyalty, and lots of love to give, along with very unique markings and fur. 

Our LG dogs work with our goats, sheep, chickens, and ducks. They have great instincts and require very little training to work with livestock. They are great with kids too.

We feed our dogs the best quality food for large breeds, goat milk and our farm eggs. We make sure they get regular veterinarian check ups. Our dogs are on monthly worm/heartworm prevention with Interceptor Plus and they are receiving Bravecto for ticks and fleas prevention. They are part of our family and we love them. We provide special attention and care to our females when they are in breeding season, pregnant, and after whelping. The puppies are kept in an indoor nursery room with their mom. They are kept clean, warm, and handled daily. The puppy nursery is by the barn, this way puppies are learning all the farm noises and senses from an early age.

 If you have sheep, goats or poultry will work with the puppy of your choice to expose them to the livestock you have. This will make familiar senses stronger. Puppies are exposed to livestock on a one on one basis and supervised, starting after 6 weeks of age. We allow people to meet our puppies after they are six weeks old. We want them to have strong immune systems before they see the outside world. Puppies will be ready for new homes at 8-9 weeks.


Puppies will be sold to approved homes only. These dogs need space to run, a fenced area and a job to do to keep them happy. They can be great companions with lots of love to give.  They're great with kids, animals, and people. The puppies will be ready to leave to their new homes when they are 8 weeks old. They will be examined by veterinarian and will receive their first vaccinations and deworming. We also do a Volhard personality test on our puppies to match the buyer's needs. This helps a buyer choose the right puppy for their needs. We can guarantee that our puppies will have great, loving personalities like their parents. The puppy records will be sent with each puppy. 


We reserve the right to keep any puppy of our choice if we decided to do that .

Puppy price is $850, tax included.

We accept PayPal (transaction fee to be paid by buyer), Venmo, money order, cash.


If you want to buy one of our puppies, a $150 non-refundable deposit will reserve a puppy and put you on reservation list. The deposit will be collected when pregnancy is confirmed by our vet. You have to decide if you want a male or female puppy at that time. 

Pictures of the puppies will be posted weekly. The buyers can choose the puppy when they are 6 weeks old. A deposit of $350 is due then to hold your puppy. We've divided payments to make it easier for buyers however, the buyer can pay more, even the full fee prior to pick-up day. The buyers can also visit us to personally see and choose a puppy at 6 weeks. We test our puppies personality and that help to match puppy to correct home.

The remaining $350 is due on pick up day after puppies are 8 weeks old.

If puppy is to be shipped, all payments are due the week before shipping.  For shipped puppies, the final payment must include the last payment of $350 plus about $400 for shipping cost,the travel crate and  health certificate.

 We are a licensed breeder and we are devoting a lot of time and care to our animals. Our dogs are loved and very special to us.  Their healthy, happy life is very important to us. We can not imagine our lives without them and that is why we decided to start our breeding program; to share that love with others. We will not sell any of our puppies to unapproved homes. 

Our goal is to sell you a healthy puppy. We feed our puppies the best quality food and goat milk. We will be starting them on large breed puppy dry food. Our puppies spend all the time with their mom and learn from her. Our puppies are exposed to farm sounds and livestock scents.

Puppies will be sent to new homes with their records and vet records, blanket with smell of their mom and siblings, first dose of monthly flea and tick prevention, collar and food sample. Our puppies will be leash trained and started on potty training. We care a lot about our puppies and keep them up to date on vaccinations and deworming. 

You must take your new puppy for a vet check within 72 hours of pick up. We are not responsible for the puppy's health after that time. If your vet discovers that your puppy has a major medical condition, we will take the puppy back and refund your money. We are NOT aware of any genetic problems with our dogs. To our knowledge, our puppies are devoid of any serious health or genetic problems. If the puppy is diagnosed with a genetic disease, we will require a veterinary note about the problem with the diagnosis. We will provide you with another puppy from the litter of your choice.

We advise you to protect and isolate your puppy from diseases, other dogs, and public places (such as parks, pet stores, other dogs), before s/he receives all vaccinations.

It is important to feed your new puppy good quality large breed puppy food until they are one year old. They have to be fed large breed adult dog food for the rest of their lives. The large breed dogs should not run one hour before and after meals. This prevents bloating, which can lead to death. Large breed puppies cannot jump or run on hard surfaces until they are one year old. They should have controlled activities. Large breed dogs need time for joints to develop. This prevents future joint problems. We also do not agree with spaying and neutering dogs before they are two years old. We believe this may cause health problems and cancer. Bones and joints need hormones to develop properly. Our dogs have very sweet, mellow and friendly personalities and they are not aggressive. We do not breed our females before they are 2 years old. This allows them to grow and mature. If you are buying female from us, you must agree NOT to breed her before she is 2 years old.

We believe that our puppies are special like their parents and we want them to find loving, forever homes. If you buy puppy from us and later decide that this dog is not for you, you MUST contact us. We will take that dog back, but he or she must have all their health/vaccinations records. We do not want our puppies be placed in a shelter.  We will find them loving homes.