GOATS 2018

Our kids will start arriving in March. They are from very productive milk lines. If you are interested in our goats please contact us and we will put you on our reservation list. Our kids will be ready to go to their new homes after they are weaned at eight weeks old. We may have bottle bucklings/weathers available to experience with goats homes. Kids will be vaccinated with CDT, dewormed, have their hooves trimmed and have registration papers.The records will be send with kids. We will have several breeds to choose from:

LaMancha, Oberhasli, Kinder, Alpine, LaMancha/Saanen and Saanen cross.

Sheep 2018

Our lambs will start arriving in March and April. If you are interested in our lambs, please contact us. We may have bottle lambs available to experience homes. Our lambs will be:

East Fresian/Finnsheep cross and Registered, not registered Finnsheep.