Terms & Conditions for goats sale

Deposit of $100 will reserve a kid of buyers choice. Balance will be due within 4 weeks of notification of birth. Arrangements for pickup must be made within 4 weeks of age. Boarding fees of up to $20/week will apply after 8 weeks. Payment terms are cash or paypal. Deposit is not refundable if buyer cancels the sale. If we cannot provide chosen breed kid, the deposit can be moved to the second choice of the buyer or be refunded. The buyer will be notified when the kids will be born.

The kids price depends on breed choice. Please email us for details and to be added to the reservation list.
Kids can be shipped at the buyers expense. Shipping, health certification fee is to be paid for by the buyer.
All our goats are registered with ADGA or KGBA.

Kids are weaned at age of 8 weeks and ready to go to their new homes.
Kids will be disbuded, vaccinated with CDT, BOSE, wormed and have hooves trimmed. We will send information about their care with them. Our goal is to give kids a good start and educate new goats owners. The registration form will be sent with the kids.

Our goat kids are healthy and free from diseases, as are their parents. Our herd is tested annually.
We have a closed herd and we are following biosecurity guidelines. We are not taking responsibility for the kids after they leave the farm. However, an animal will be replaced if a report from a veterinarian finds that the cause of an illness or death is congenital. In the event of a replacement, all transportation costs, health papers and testing will be the responsibility of the buyer.  Please contact us as soon as a problem arises, so we can help. Our animals are socialized as kids and throughout adulthood. Goats are herd animals and therefore need at least a second goat to be happy.

We allowing for purchase of 4 weeks old, bottle kid only to people who have an experience in raising goats.

We do not castrate bucklings for sale until they are confirm to be purchase as a wethers and not early that 8 weeks of age. We did a lot of research and we believe that early castration can cause health problems. The veterinarian recommendation is to castrate bucklings between 12 weeks to 6 months of age. This helps urinary tract to be develop and prevents blockage with urinary stones.
The later castration is beneficial for bone and muscle development. Hormones are needed to do that.
We can honestly say that bucklings are very sweet and friendly. It takes months for the" buck smell" to develop. It is usually around 6 months of age and it is gone when the buckling is castrated.